10 White Mountains Waterfalls

The mighty waterfall,
The wonderful roar,
To engage the spray off jagged rocks,
Then refect on the light is casts,
I conclude the waterfall is a beautiful truth.

Glen Ellis Falls

Jackson, New Hampshire

Park on one side and go through a tunnel under the highway. The views just keep getting better. There’s one vista near the top of the falls, from there, you head down 60-100 stairs to the bottom of the falls. Rocks can be slippery so wear proper footwear.

Young and old can enjoy this short walk with a big pay-off – a beautiful 70-foot waterfall!

Flume Gorge

Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

An 800-foot gorge that extends from the base of Mount Liberty. If it has rained then the gorge will be even more fantastic! The waterfalls will be extra powerful!

The walk includes boardwalks, bridges, tumbling streams, waterfalls, forests, and magnificent vistas. There can be a great deal of mist so wear sensible walking shoes, it can be slippery.

Diana’s Baths

North Conway, New Hampshire

The trail is well-marked. There are some small hills. It is definitely do-able for children or parents. The baths are beautiful, and the walk to them is a lovely stroll through the woods.

Have a snack or lunch while sitting on the rocks and watch and listen to the water.

Sabbaday Falls

Conway, New Hampshire

A 15-minute walk leads you to Sabbaday Falls. The falls are a series of cascades in a narrow flume. The total drop is 35 feet. The upper punchbowl drops 5 feet into a pool, and the main falls drop 22 ft. This is one of the prettiest places along the Kancamagus Highway.

The walk (not really a hike) climbs to several platformed viewing areas then returns down the other side. There are benches along the way.

Jackson Falls

Jackson, New Hampshire

Over several hundred feet of a brook, Jackson Falls cascades down approximately 100 feet of elevation. Although not dramatic in its drop, the falls splash over ledges and though boulders.

A relaxing river and waterfall in the quaint little town of Jackson.

Arethusa Falls

Just South of Crawford Notch

Be prepared for a fairly steep climb with roots and large stones along the way. Older hikers may find a hiking pole to be helpful. Wear sturdy shoes. Allow a minimum of three hours round trip and don’t do it too close to sunset because the trail can get dark quickly.

Reaching the falls is worth it. The falls are quite beautiful. Bring some water and note that there are no restrooms.

This is New Hampshire’s tallest waterfall.

Franconia Falls

Lincoln, New Hampshire

Water cascading over granite rocks in a superb mountain setting. A nice stroll along the river to a chute type of waterfall.

This state park is well maintained and a great place for families. The hike to Franconia Falls is not strenuous and the paths and walkways are safe.

Avalanche Falls

Franconia, New Hampshire

The only way to see this waterfall is to pay the admission to the Flume Gorge and enjoy the hike. It is well worth the money as this trail is well kept and something beautiful is around every corner – bring your camera!

Avalanche Falls is another geological attraction of New Hampshire.

Georgiana Falls

Lincoln, New Hampshire

The hike to the falls may be difficult for some. The trail is well marked so you will not get lost. There were a lot of rocks, roots, and it is steep in places

You can also proceed to Harvard Falls which is more challenging but gives you views of the upper falls near the top. At the very top, you have a terrific view above the falls towards Lincoln.

Garfield Falls

Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Garfield Falls is one of the hidden gems of Pittsburg NH. A perfect short hike and beautiful view! The falls are a little hard to find which is the reason it is referred to as a hidden gem.

If you are adventurous there is plenty more to see at the top of the falls. Climb across the river and up the other side to the top of the falls.

Profile Falls

Bristol, New Hampshire

With a short walk through the woods and moving through one steep and narrow part of the path and after navigating around a few rocks, you come to a very nice and memorable view that is Profile falls.

A beautiful end to a short hike! This spot is great for swimming, tubing, wading, fishing . . . you can’t go wrong and the rocks are perfect for sunbathing too!

Silver Cascade

Harts Location, New Hampshire

Silver Cascade is located just east of the height of land on Route 302 that is referred to as the Gates of the Notch. This cascade is a series of waterfalls dropping down the side of Crawford Notch. Height estimates are about 640 vertical feet. Topo maps suggest that the falls extend for better than 200 vertical feet above the portion of the falls visible from Route 302.

it is a difficult can perhaps dangerous climb to reach this cascade and perhaps is best observed from the road.

Ripley Falls

Bartlett, New Hampshire

The hike to Ripley Falls is a 1.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Bartlett, New Hampshire that brings you tp Ripley Falls. the trail is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October.

Ripley Falls is the kind of waterfall that will stand on its own as a destination

There you have it.

10 Spectacular Waterfalls!

Drip, drop, and splash…
Water, perhaps never finds its final resting place.
It falls with its companions in drops,
It falls with its colleagues with no manual or guide,
It falls to form something very special . . . a waterfall.